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Visibility event

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MAD Brussels, Wallonie-Bruxelles Design Mode and Flanders DC are delighted to announce a unique opportunity for Belgian fashion brands to gain visibility and recognition on the international stage. The 3 partners are organising a special collective event on the occasion of Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S25, to be held from 5 to 9 August 2024, with the aim of showcasing the talent and creativity of Belgian fashion designers.

In Our Name Belgium - CIFF 2023 © Victor Jones
Why participate?

The main aim of this initiative is to provide a platform for emerging and established Belgian fashion designers to showcase their collections and make meaningful connections with industry professionals, press, influencers and international buyers.

In addition to this initiative, the selected brands can take advantage of their presence in Copenhagen to register for conferences, take part in events, organise other business meetings or prospect the market during Fashion Week. This fashion week brings together international professionals from the sector.

Who is it for?

This call is aimed at Belgian fashion brands (men’s, women’s and/or accessories collections) that embody innovation, quality and originality in their work. This event will be presented as part of the In Our Name Beligum branding initiative, which aims to support emerging and established Belgian designers who focus on quality, sustainability and innovation.

To be eligible, participants must

  • be based in Belgium
  • have been active for at least 18 months
  • and have produced at least 2 collections.
In Our Name Belgium © Uber & Kosher

From the applications submitted, a panel of fashion industry professionals will select up to 5 brands based on the following criteria:

  1. have very creative, original and daring collections;
  2. have a complete and distinctive collection to present at the event;
  3. have a clear vision of the target markets
  4. have the capacity (financial, human, operational) to export;
  5. demonstrate a commitment to environmental and social sustainability practices.
In Our Name Belgium - CIFF 2023 © Victor Jones
Terms and conditions

By completing the application form, the selected participants commit to :

  • collaborate with the organising team by providing promotional material, brand and product information, etc;
  • take part in any preparatory meetings;
  • organise and pay for their own travel and hotel expenses (although mobility grants may be requested from other organisations);
  • take part in the networking and visibility event (timing and venue to be confirmed) between 5 and 9 August 2024;
  • provide written feedback or attend a feedback session after the FW.

The 3 institutional partners will be responsible for

  • coordinating the event with a local public relations agency;
  • co-organising the visibility event;
  • presenting the brands to various fashion professionals during the event;
  • promoting the brands and creating awareness of them before and during the event (branding In Our Name Belgium).

The presentation will be organised and financially supported by MAD Brussels, WBDM and Flanders DC. Selected brands can also contact the AWEX, or FIT offices in Copenhagen to help them with any prospecting.

  • Date and time of the event: to be confirmed between 5 and 9.08.2024.
  • Location of the event: to be confirmed in Copenhagen city.
  1. Fill in the online application form before Wednesday 24.04.2024, 23.59.
  2. A selection committee will meet to select 3 to 5 brands.
  3. The results will be announced after 26.04.2024.

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