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For me, textile design should be a source of well-being. I try to design comforting interiors through my work.

Kim Vande Pitte

The context

The work of textile designer Kim Vande Pitte has two components. The first is the digitally printed fabric. This can come in different sizes and colours and presents a variation around lines, which act as the common thread. Over the seasons, the early modular line came to be defined in a more constructed approach, in terms of both volume and shading.

The other component of KPV’s work: the development of bespoke projects – benches, curtains, cushions and so on. The common focus, however, is always a desire to offer small-scale European productions.

A beautiful Belgian story

My job is to create patterns, but now I want to adopt a 3D approach, by deploying my work in the register of the item. At the trade fair, I will be presenting a complete typology for the home. In 2022, I launched a line of dish towels and cushions. On this occasion, I intend to reverse the process, by presenting my fabrics by the metre, as well as clear and easily interpreted situations for each textile being proposed. The idea is to create a dialogue between the fabrics and the items.

A benevolent design

I work with a short circuit and favour subcontractors in Europe. The jacquard used for the seats and curtains is woven in France, by the same manufacturers who produce my dish towels. The creative process is central to my work. This approach is also reflected in the way I collaborate with my subcontractors. Producing in Europe obviously reduces the environmental impact of transport, but it also helps to preserve European expertise.

Interview by

Marie Honnay

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