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Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week

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Fashion Revolution was established in the UK following the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh on 24 April 2013. It works for “a global fashion industry that preserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit”.

Each year, a major awareness campaign, Fashion Revolution Week, is organised around the world on 24 April.

2023: 10th sad anniversary

The #FRW campaign takes place every year in the week coinciding with 24 April, the anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh.

The Rana Plaza building housed a number of garment factories, employing around 5,000 people. The workers in the building were making clothes for many of the world’s leading fashion brands. The collapse of the building killed 1,134 people and injured more than 2,500, making it the fourth largest industrial disaster in history. The victims were mainly young women.

Fashion Revolution Week is held in memory of these lost lives and so that no one dies for fashion.

Manifesto for a Fashion Revolution


We love fashion. But we don’t want our clothes to exploit people or destroy our planet. We are coming together as a global community to bring our manifesto into reality.

A 10-point manifesto is published, consolidating the vision of a global fashion industry that preserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit. It invites designers and brands to think about their industry in a sustainable and responsible way and also raises awareness among consumers. The whole chain is concerned and there is a global call for its signature.

(c) Fashion Revolution
Take action

There are several ways to help spread the messages of the Fashion Revolution:


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