Enigmatic design. Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte

Enigmatic design

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PEVDP Zaventem Ateliers © Joan Calvet

On his Instagram page, Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte defines himself as an ‘enigmatic Belgian designer’. This young design talent, who is based in Brussels, offers pieces designed for everyday life.

Meet the young designer in his workshop to discuss his work and participation at Maison&Objet 2022 with Belgium is Design.

You are a regular at international trade fairs. What is your favourite memory of Belgium is Design?

As a designer, you have several jobs, including manufacturer and speaker. You must always remember that, in essence, an object is unable to speak. As a result, it is essential to show your work internationally, by participating in trade fairs. I had the chance to present my pieces in Milan, which is a flourishing fair in terms of image. Paris – which was a first for me – is more appealing commercially. I also really like meeting other designers during these meet-ups. In Milan, we have our traditions, including these little restaurants where we like to get together.

How do your most recent creations reflect your identity?

I will present Abacus, a table made up of several boards that you can add and remove depending on your needs, in Paris. This piece, which I have already produced for individuals, but also for the Food Society restaurant in Lyon in a very large format, satisfies our needs in terms of being adaptable. I wanted to offer a solution that would free space, while still remaining very graphic. Some people see a direct connection with the pandemic in it. I didn’t design it that way. For me, design shouldn’t just satisfy basic needs. It should reflect emotions and feelings.

Today, social media offers an incredible showcase for artists and creatives. How do you approach social media?

It’s not my favourite part, but being on those platforms allows me to build credibility. When I started out, I tried to be omnipresent: on Instagram, at certain trade fairs and in the media. While this media presence was helpful for me, it tended to blur the message sometimes by giving other designers the impression that things were easier for me.

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Belgium is Design at Maison&Objet
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Maison&Objet 2022

The Belgium is Design selection is to discover at Maison&Objet, 24-28.03.2022 in Paris Hall 7 – Signatures, Booth A40-B39.

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