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If you are a company or a designer active in the field of fashion or design (products, furniture, textiles, spaces, communication, social or food design) and based in Wallonia or Brussels, you have come to the right place!

How do you know if you’re ready for the international stage?

The 5 starting questions...

Before starting your brand’s internationalization project, several steps must have been completed on the local/national market, in particular:

  1. Is the product, brand or project already on the market?
  2. Is the target market clear ?
  3. Has the brand/product development strategy been defined?
  4. Are communication and marketing tools ready?
  5. Are production and logistics ready to handle orders?

What do you need to take into account?

Are you ready to go international, but need a little extra help? WBDM has advice and practical tools to help you get started.
  • The first golden rules for exporting

    Increase your chances of success by following a few simple tips: 10 first export tips.

  • How do I find out about and prospect international markets?
    I would like to find out on which international market should I sell my designs.

    To understand this, WBDM, through its network, puts you in touch with:

    I am a company based in Wallonia and I want to elaborate an export strategy.

    Benefit from the support of a multilingual trainee coached and trained in international trade techniques who puts their experience at your service with the Explort programme.

    I would like to keep up-to-date with the current opportunities.
    • Consult the calls for projects and international opportunities identified by WBDM;
    • Subscribe to WBDM’s LinkedIn page where calls are published;
    • Subscribe to the WBDM newsletter;
    • Contact WBDM to present your project, get personalised advice and information about our calls for applications.
  • How can I get support in developing my project internationally and/or sell my designs internationally?
    I would like to develop my brand internationally with the help of experts and according to my priorities.
    I would like to enhance my global and/or digital strategy with a focus on international development.
    • Participate in collective workshops (fashion or design) led by experts and organised by WBDM.
    • For companies based in the Walloon Region, get a diagnosis of your digital maturity and/or receive help from an expert to set up a strategic action plan (in terms of digital maturity (e-commerce or digital positioning) and/or cybersecurity (securing tools and data protection) thanks to the chèques-entreprises.
    • Contact WBDM for personalised advice or to get in touch with its network.
  • How to communicate more effectively on the international scene?
    I would like to know how to choose the right communication channels and expand my network.

    Download our tip sheet (in French) “Communication: Why & How?

    I need advice on how to possibly adapt my designs or my communication for other countries.
  • How can I get exposure among the international press?
    I would like to prepare a press kit.

    To read all of WBDM’s tips, download the tip sheet (in French) “How to make a press kit?“.

    I would like to meet the press.

    Several times a year, WBDM brings together Belgian fashion and design professionals with the international press. International journalists are invited to Belgium to meet designers from Wallonia or Brussels at representative events.

    Keep up-to-date with the possibilities published in our agenda.

  • How to be present at an international exhibition / showroom?

    Which international event is right for my project?

    Each trade show has its own specific aspects. It is therefore essential to choose the one that fits your product and your business development strategy
    For help, download our tip sheet (in French) “How to prepare for a trade show?

    I would like to participate in an international trade show as part of a group.

    WBDM organises recurrent group participations in 2 international design fairs in the context of Belgium is Design: Maison & Objet in Paris and Milan Design Week (Satellite and Fuorisalone).
    Other possibilities to be present are added depending on the year. Keep informed in our agenda.

    I would like to participate in an international trade show at an individual stand.
    How to communicate about the event?

    Download WBDM’s tip sheets (in French): “How to prepare for a trade show?” & “How to prepare a press kit?

    Contact WBDM to receive tailored advice.

  • How can I finance my international project?
    How can I finance the development of my prototypes?

    Find out about the prototyping grants and research grants of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Please note that these grants are also available for the development of your project in Belgium.

    How can I get grants for the fashion industry?

    Financial aid is available in the context of the Fashion Programme.

    How can I finance my fact-finding or prospecting trips, or my participation in an exhibition abroad?

    Take advantage of mobility grants from Wallonia-Brussels International, for the creative sector.

    I need a financial helping hand.

    For businesses, discover the financial incentives for exporting to support every step of the export process:

    I need to reinforce the financial structure of my project.

    Apply for a loan or investments (shares in the capital). The St’Art investment fund is aimed at the cultural and creative industries.

  • How can I protect my business (intellectual property) or get legal advice?
    I need a helping hand to draw up a contract for the publishing of my designs.

    Contact WBDM for a contract template.

    I would like to register my trademark or my designs.

    The Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) is the official body responsible for registering trademarks and designs in the Benelux.

    I need legal or general tax advice (applied arts).

    BeCraft organises personalised legal advice sessions for its members.

    I need legal advice on exporting.

    In the Walloon Region, you can be accompanied by lawyers specialised in foreign trade (certified by the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency) to develop your market abroad. This aid makes it possible to cover part of the cost of a consultant of your choice, in the context of company cheques.

    I need financial support in managing the intellectual property of my creations.

    Take advantage of the “Intellectual Property Cheques” from the Public Service of Wallonia.


The proposed tools are primarily based on the aid made available by the 3 subsidiary bodies of WBDM:

WBDM has listed on this page the most relevant aid for its sectors (fashion and design) and its remit (the internationalisation of cultural and creative enterprises), but it is not an exhaustive catalogue.

There are many different types of aid available depending on where you are based.

Consult the following agencies:

Think you're not ready yet?

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