TRAKK + Design - Inspirational evening

TRAKK + Design
Inspirational evening

Category: EVENT
Date de l'événement: 15.06.23

The KIKK, TRAKK, WBDM and Wallonie Design teams are organising an evening of inspiration and networking dedicated to connections between design, technologies, art, etc.

The aim of the evening is to inspire, question, connect and reveal paths within which transversality and collaboration have been successful.

Martin & Charlotte from Studio Biskt

Studio Biskt : Ceramics at the centre. At the crossroads of art and design, Charlotte and Martin’s collaboration is characterised by their duality and the contrast that brings them together. A dual universe where ideas are born from hybridisations between industrial processes and manual skills. Charlotte and Martin pay particular attention to the way the object is created. The multiple experiments participate in the emergence of new forms and functions that draw their inspiration from the architectural and industrial fields.

Joachim Froment from Futurewave

Futurewave is an agency that combines design and technology to help companies create and develop innovative products in various sectors (mobility, internet of things, electronic products, furniture, lighting, etc.). Its objectives: shape products, transform ideas into exceptional solutions with the most advanced technologies and bring companies to the market with a significant impact throughout the value chain. Its clients: Adidas, Decathlon, Duvel, Sony, Flos, Cowboy, Ionnyk, Yoda, O-Boy, Addax motors, etc.

AFC Collection – Audrey Joris et Augustin Bown

Founded three years ago by a Belgian duo who, in 2022, joined the “Forbes under 30” list, AFC Collection aims to revolutionise the way we furnish our homes by investing in quality and sustainability.
For Augustin and I, AFC is the logical conclusion of a personal experience. We were originally roommates. Due to a lack of money, we chose to decorate our flat with second-hand furniture. The idea was to get away from the cheap items you usually rely on when you move in. Soon, our friends wanted to buy a few finds. At the same time, we developed Lease-to-Own, a rental system that, like a mortgage, allows you to furnish your home with quality items that you rent for a period of 5 years until you become the owner.  In our two showrooms in Brussels and Knokke, we currently employ 13 people who carry out customised furnishing projects for our customers. Since January, this customised service has been supplemented by a digital experience using augmented reality technology. Entitled ‘Let’s Play Look and Feel’, it allows you to visualise each design concept in a fully interactive way in the shops.

  • 6.30pm: Welcome
  • 7pm: 3 presentations of 15 minutes each followed by a panel discussion around these incredible talents
  • 8.30 pm: Questions & answers
  • 8.45pm: Networking cocktail

Free entrance on registration.

Date: Thursday15.06.2023, 6.00pm – 10.00pm.

Place: TRAKK hub créatif namurois, 16 Avenue Reine Astrid – 5000 Namur

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