J'Achète Belge

J’achète Belge

Category: EVENT
Date de l'événement: 09.06-31.12.2020

J’Achète Belge campaign aims to inspire, inform and encourage the consumer to discover, purchase and share Belgian creations, brands and products.

WBDM is partner of the #JacheteBelge campaign, which aims to support local talent with consumers. Launched in 2015, this Flanders DC initiative “Ik Koop Belgisch” aimed to put Belgian fashion in the spotlight. Since then, the project has grown to take on a national dimension and brings together fashion designers, designers, artists, writers, musicians, game developers and other creative talents.

“The J’Achète Belge initiative aims to raise awareness among the general public about conscious consumption, whether in terms of origin, meaning or creativity. We would like to facilitate his access to Belgian creations or works, if he is interested. And thus support the local economy ” explains Laure Capitani (Coordinator, WBDM).

The new platform, launched on 10 June, 2020 in a economically difficult COVID context when the creative sectors need support more than ever, presents more than 2000 talented artists, designers, brands and Belgian companies.

Justine God : Imprévu - Ambassadrice #JAB #IKB
©Justine God


These “Belgian brands” meet two criteria: having their headquarters in Belgium and ensuring the creative process in Belgium.The platform only includes local artists, creators and brands who offer a physical product directly to the end consumer. And soon the possibility of locating, by geographic area, the shops that sell Belgian products

Consumers have undeniable purchasing power. Today, more than ever the consumer aspires to a different life and consumption, especially more conscious. In addition, for those who are sensitive to creativity, this Belgian collective initiative is the ideal inspiration for bringing to life and investing in the local talents that our country offers”.

Elke Timmerman (Directror MAD LAB+).


Today is more important than ever. For me, buying Belgian is much more than a hashtag. It is a form of respect for the knowledge and know-how with which Belgium abounds

Élodie Ouédraogo, athlete, co-founder of the brand 42 | 54 and ambassador of J’Achète Belge

For whom?

For entrepreneurs in the creative sectors.
For the curious eager to discover Belgian talent.

Fashion, design, fine arts, media, illustrations, literature, movies, music and video games.

More info

Find all infos on the website jachetebelge.be

Follow our talents on:

#jachetebelge #ikkoopbelgisch

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