Invitation of international press

Invitation of international pres

Category: EVENT
Date de l'événement: 01.03-31.12.2024
Invitation presse Design September (Studio With A View, Terrain Vague) © WBDM

Belgium is a fertile ground for innovation and creativity. In order to promote and support its talent, Wallonie-Bruxelles Design Mode (WBDM) initiates a series of invitations for international journalists every year. This initiative aims to highlight the wealth and diversity of creative talent present in French-speaking Belgium.

Creativity in the spotlight

WBDM’s invitations of international journalists put creativity at the centre of the debate. Participants are invited not only to discover innovative companies, but also to explore the teeming world of artistic creation in all its forms.

An Artistic Immersion

These invitations offer an unprecedented immersion in the creative ecosystem of the Walloon and Brussels regions. Journalists have the chance to explore artists’ studios, design workshops, and take part in major cultural events. This experience provides a deep understanding of how creativity permeates every aspect of life in these regions.

Cultural and artistic exchanges

More than just visits, these invitations encourage cultural and artistic exchanges. In this way, international journalists become ambassadors for Belgian creativity, sharing with the world the artistic finds and emerging talents they discover during their stay.

Collectible Design Fair

An international show dedicated to contemporary collectible design (one-off pieces and limited editions).

Brussels, 7-10.03.2024.

Milan Design Week

Belgian institutions (WBDM, MAD Brussels and Flanders DC) are in Milan under the Belgium is Design label, with an exhibition in the Fuorisalone.
Belgium is Design is also promoting all the Belgian companies and designers exhibiting in Milan.

Milan, 15-21.04.2024.

Brussels Design September

Every year, the festival brings together around a hundred Belgian and international designers and companies for the general public and professionals alike.

Brussels, 09.2024.

Festival de Hyères

WBDM promotes the Belgians involved in this prestigious International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Accessories.

Hyères, 10-13.10.2024.

Sarah Levy & Didier Vervaeren © J. Van Belle - WBI
Belgian Fashion Awards

These awards were created to highlight the reputation, creativity and diversity of Belgian fashion in Belgium and abroad.

Bruxelles, 11.2024.


Promoting Creative Minds

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