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The gift to be simple

Category: EVENT
Date de l'événement: 08-19.03.2023

On the occasion of the Collectible fair, The gift to be simple, the exhibition curated for the New York Textile Month 2022 festival will be presented in Brussels.

The gift to be simple © Laetitia Bica

This exhibition is a great opportunity to give a second life to this textile design exhibition, particularly close to our hearts and curated by Lidewij Edelkoort and Philip Fimmano. It is also an additional spotlight on Natalia Brilli, Emma Cogné, Laure Kasiers, Charlotte Lancelot, Geneviève Levivier, Céline Vahsen, Alexia de Ville, Vanessa Colignon and Pascale Risbourg, the 9 selected designers.

Atelier Jespers (c) F. Dujardin

It will be hosted by Jean-François Declercq in the beautiful house known as Atelier Jespers.

Collector, curator, art patron and donor, Jean-François Declercq founded Atelier Jespers in 2015, a non-profit art center, in the modernist house-workshop he occupies. Designed by Victor Bourgeois for sculptor Oscar Jespers in 1928, the venue’s exceptional architecture is ideal for highlighting contemporary collectible design and other forms of expression. In a short time, Atelier Jespers has established itself as a key player in the Brussels cultural landscape, providing a platform for emerging and established designers.

For many years, as a trendsetter, Ms. Edelkoort has observed

In chaotic and frightening times, humanity naturally seeks answers and finds solace in simplicity. People try to make the ordinary extraordinary. In addition, as many people have moved to rural areas during the pandemic, a more authentic approach is also having an impact on interiors, fashion and lifestyle.

Through the textile works of 9 talented women, the exhibition explores the sobriety of Belgian design and its correlation with a more refined aesthetic: discovering excellence in everyday objects. This philosophy is amplified by furniture from the manufacturer Atmosphere & Bois Home, made from reclaimed wood.

  • Dates: March 9 to 18, 2023, From 11am to 5pm and with appointment
  • Venue: Atelier Jespers, Rue du Prince Héritier, 149 – 1200 Brussels
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