Fashion Programme 2024

Fashion Programme 2024

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Date de l'événement: 01.12.2023-30.11.2024

Through the Fashion Programme, WBDM offers an annual grant to Belgian brands to finance the development of an international project. Other entrepreneurs receive a coaching grant to work with experts in the fashion sector.

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What is the Fashion Programme?

Since 2017, WBDM has been supporting fashion projects that are already well established on the Belgian market by giving them access to development tools tailored to their needs, their international ambitions and the reality of the market.

In 2024, WBDM is offering brands established in the Walloon Region or Brussels:

  • 4 grants of €35,000, €20,000 and 2 x €10,000 designed to boost their export strategy;
  • 6 coaching grants of €4,000 to be supported by experts.

The companies selected stand out for their originality and professionalism, and demonstrate the potential needed to break through on the international stage.

Particular attention will also be paid to the sustainable development efforts of the applicants.

The international jury for the €10,000 to €35,000 grants was held in October 2023. Its members (Astrid Lefèvre, Victoire Satto of The Good Goods, Pierre Lara of St’Art Invest; Dominique Lefèbvre, WBI Press Officer; Justine Claisse, WBI Culture Department and the WBDM team) selected the following laureates:

The 6 coaching grants of €4,000 have been awarded to:

Call for application

The 2025 programme will be launched in Spring 2024.

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