Coaching grants for designers

Coaching grants for designers

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Date de l'événement: 05.02-30.11.2024
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The coaching grants offered by WBDM are designed to support up to 15 designers by providing them with personalised expertise and sound advice.

They are intended for designers and/or design companies who want advice on (re)structuring their business and/or (re)defining their international strategy.

15 grants

In 2024, 15 grants of up to €4,000 (excluding VAT) will be offered to a selection of designers / design studios / design companies based in Wallonia or Brussels. These grants provide personalised support from a professional coach, enabling designers to build or refine their international development strategy. The companies selected thus contribute to the international influence of Belgian design.

Photo de Kaleidico sur Unsplash
What kind of coaching?

The aim of these grants is to provide a springboard for designers to revise and/or implement an international development strategy, around different topics such as :

  • Export assistance: coaching sessions can include practical advice on international standards, logistics, trade regulations, intellectual property and other aspects essential for success in global markets.
  • International network: prospecting for potential distributors, business partners and other designers established worldwide. These connections can facilitate entry into new markets, open doors for cross-border collaborations and provide valuable insights into international trends.
  • Adapting products to the international market: grants can support designers in adapting their creations to the specific requirements and tastes of international markets. This could include advice on design, material quality, product size and other aspects relevant to meeting the expectations of global consumers.
  • Support with international communication: thinking about online presence, social networks, marketing, etc.
© Amélie Mourichon for Unsplash

Armed with expert advice, designers will be able to draw up a solid international development strategy, strengthen their position on the global design scene and seize new opportunities in diversified markets.

These scholarships offer a valuable springboard for the growth and international recognition of creative talent.

Call for applications

The call for applications will be open until 25.02.2024 (midnight).

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