Belgium is Design / Maison & Objet 2021

Belgium is Design
Maison & Objet 2021

Category: EVENT
Date de l'événement: 27.01-31.12.2021
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Under Belgium is Design, WBDM offers every year its support to Belgian companies at Maison&Objet Paris.

Once again this year, Flanders DC and Wallonie-Bruxelles Design Mode are joining forces to present a selection of Belgian talents at Maison&Objet. Initially postponed to March 2021, the January 2021 edition of Maison&Objet was finally entirely digital via MOM platform. For the september edition, Belgium is Design enlarged its presentation on MOM with 5 new brands.

Belgium is Design thus supports the presence of 8 brands on the MOM platform. Initially selected for their legitimacy in a competitive market and a positioning in line with the TODAY section of the show, they are simultaneously singular and sensitive, offering a variety of exceptional products and pieces for interior design: furniture, objects, textile collections, wallpaper and, for the first time, other types of products with top-of-the-range light switches and an opening to the bathroom and kitchen sectors with taps.  

News from each of the brands will be available on MOM throughout the year.

Among the Belgium is Design selection, some have already participated in previous editions: Havani, Pascale Risbourg, amgs – Ana María Gómez and Enso by Mira return with new products. While RVB and Atelier Luxus are not newcomers to Maison&Objet, the collaboration with Belgium is Design is new. Finally, Ertz and Christoph Broich have chosen this platform to launch their furniture and home textile brands (plaids, cushions) respectively.

All the brands ensure a local anchoring with ‘made in Belgium’ manufacturing. They champion a sustainable approach, whether it is the environmental approach in the choice of materials or the promotion of craftsmanship.

Wallonie-Bruxelles Design Mode is taking advantage of the September edition of the fair to give visibility to 5 additional brands. These include Laure Kasiers for her collection of handmade rugs and Gobolights lighting, which has already won over visitors to the TODAY section of the fair. Their collections are enhanced by new products, including a collaboration between Gobolights and Enso by Mira. Cruso, a regular exhibitor at the fair, offers a range of sustainably designed furniture by renowned international designers.

For the first time, BELGIUM IS DESIGN presents Mademoiselle Jo and IONNYK. The young furniture brand Mademoiselle Jo presents a poetic collection on the borderline between design and goldsmithing. It offers different objects mixing heritage and technology by honouring a sometimes forgotten know-how.

An innovative product in the decoration sector, IONNYK is the first art photography platform. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, digital paper offers a pure rendering and allows you to adapt the work to your desires.

Discover it on MOM!

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