Belgium is Design - D2B 2024

Belgium is Design / D2B 2024
Designers to Business

Category: EVENT
Date de l'événement: 01-30.11.2024
BiD_D2B 2023 (c) J. Van Belle

In the world of design, striking the right balance between artistic creativity and commercial success is often a delicate endeavor. However, the D2B (Designers to Business) initiative by Belgium is Design has emerged as a powerful catalyst, creating synergy between talented designers and the business realm.
In 2024, the partners organise again these essential contact days for promoting Belgian design on the global stage, highlighting how this unique initiative fosters fruitful collaboration between creators and businesses.

D2B initiative stems from the need to strengthen connections between designers and businesses, fostering innovation and competitiveness on the global market.

These meetings aim to establish strategic partnerships between emerging designers and businesses eager to adopt an innovative approach in their product or service strategy. These collaborations seek to transform creative ideas into marketable products, thereby expanding the reach and impact of Belgian design on a global scale.

International collaborations

The collaboration process of Belgium is Design’s D2Bs revolves around mutual understanding of the needs and goals of both designers and businesses. Designers bring their creative expertise, while businesses contribute to commercial feasibility. D2B acts as a facilitator, creating an environment conducive to idea exchange and co-creation.

Tangible Results

Collaborations under D2Bs have already yielded significant results. Innovative products, combining aesthetics and functionality, have been successfully launched into the market. These notable successes enhance the reputation of Belgian design and stimulate the economic growth of the region.

Designers to Business embodies the notion that collaboration between creativity and business is a winning formula. By promoting synergy between talented designers and visionary businesses, this unique initiative propels Belgian design onto the global stage while fostering innovation and regional economic growth.

D2B testifies to the transformative potential of the marriage between art and commerce, paving the way for a future where creativity and commercial success go hand in hand.

Promoting Creative Minds

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