Wallonia-Brussels International / How to develop contacts abroad?

Carrying out an internship in a company abroad in the context of the development of his company.


Wallonia-Brussels International (WBI) promotes participations of young entrepreneurs in abroad interships. The aims of this internship are manifold and can include:

  • Devlop a long-term relationship with a potential economic partner.(with a foreign perspective, and developing interculturality).
  • be immerged in a foreign market, with an approach of cultural curiosity.
  • promote the international reputation of Wallonia's companies.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Young companies whose creation date is younger than two years and whose headquarters are in Wallonia. 
  • Young person who's in the process of setting up a business, and living in Wallonia. 

Other informations :

The duration :

An internship of one or two weeks in a company of the hosting country. 

Introduction des candidatures :

The candidate sends his application by post or by e-mail to the contact person of WBI. 

Delays of the applications :

  • Before the 15th of November for a stay between January and June
  • Before the 15th of April for a stay between July and December.

Selection :

The selection is made by WBI and AWEX. In principle, the decision will be taken one month after the deadline of the submissions. 

Modalités financières :

The grant consists in an unique intervention in the expenses of the stay and mobility. 

  • 500 € each week with a maximum of two weeks.  
  • 75% of the transport expenses with a maximum of 700€.
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PORSON Joëlle - j.porson@wbi.be - +32 (0) 2/421 82 06