The startup accelerator NEST'up by Crative Wallonia

A startup accelerator program

NEST'up is a startup acceleration program, member of the Global Accelerator Network, co-created by Fostering Ideas asbl and Creative Wallonia on the same model as TechStars' American accelerators. Twice a year, Fostering Ideas ASBL, in partnership with Creative Wallonia and Idealy, organizes an accelerator program (on the TechStars model) in Belgium. For 9 weeks, 6 startups are hosted and accompanied by entrepreneur coaches and 30+ experts and mentors, and end up with a launchable and fundable product.

6 startups in the same place

The 6 finalist teams will be hosted in the Axisparc in Mont-Saint-Guibert, near Louvain-la-Neuve, with a great space designed for collaboration and creativity.

For more than 12 weeks full-time

NEST'up will be a very intense and gratifying experience. We will help you to get your business off the ground much faster than if you would do it on your own.

6 dedicated coaches

Each team will be coached daily by an entrepreneur who has gone through the hurdles of early entrepreneurship and will help you stay on track.

50+ experts and mentors

Interventions and one-on-one sessions will be organized with experts in all sorts of domains from business model innovation to finance going through incorporation and many more. And mentors will share their experience with the teams too.

A Demo Day

At the end of the 3-month accelerator program, a big demo session will be the opportunity to impress all the investors in the room and get your product out the door in front of the press.

Media coverage

During the entire program, teams will be followed daily by journalists and a video production team who will tell the story of entrepreneurs and shed some light on their products and teams. This recurring press coverage, supported by our media partner Le Soir, can only bring some bonus in terms of market and investment.


Thanks to our partnership with a crowdfunding platform, all 6 finalist teams will be able to create a crowdfunding campaign. With the visibility of NEST'up in the press, all the conditions will be fulfilled for a successful campaign.

A spot in the NEST

NEST'up, the startup accelerator program, is just the first step of the NEST project. NEST's goal is to develop, in Belgium and in Wallonia, an entrepreneurial ecosystem that is both vibrant and connected with the world. True to this objective, we have a lot of surprises in preparation for all the participants in NEST'up.