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TRIAXES initiated by MAD that has supported 30+ projects in the last three years is a unique program where three experts out of different fields are brought together to help Brussels’ entrepreneurs develop a product or fashion collection. Making different disciplines work in synergy is the key.

A smart cooperation between different fields

The core concept of the program is to bring three experts in the research and development fields together with a young entrepreneur to create industrial products or fashion collections. The skillset of each expert varies depending on the product and its needs.

A valuable assistance to move forward

If a Brussels’ entrepreneur wants to develop an industrial product or fashion collection intended for mass production, the program provides him/her a trio of experts who will, together with the entrepreneur, carry out an audit of the project by establishing the complete eco-system of the product. This six-month intense R&D support leads to a clear definition of the target market, the concept and its required materials and production techniques, with a focus on sustainability. This approach stimulates collaboration, time-efficient working, network exchanges as well as reducing the risk of returning to the R&D process at a later stage.

An approach that meets your needs

For the development of products in the design industry, a TRIAXES Pro (product) team brings together three experts, namely an engineer, a business developer and an industrial designer. They work together on the development of an industrial product to be mass-produced.

In the fashion industry, a TRIAXES Mode (fashion) team brings together three experts, namely a business developer, a sourcing and production specialist and an international sales professional. They will combine their skills based on a requirement from a Brussels fashion designer, for three whole seasons.

Finally, TRIAXES Ens (education) was developed to combine these three skills towards the end of a Master’s program in order to prepare future entrepreneurs for working together in the lead-up to a creative project or development of a product. This approach then becomes a reflex, which is beneficial for everyone

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Jean Paternotte — Project Manager TRIAXES