Centre Dansaert – Creative Business Center

The Dansaert Center: professional support for business creation and services for young companies.

Dansaert Business Center was founded by the city and by the region to carry out two tasks:

  • Offer professional support for business creation
  • Offer space and services to growing, young companies.

Centre Dansaert helps you with:

  • Preparing your project: preparation of your business plan, investment budget & provisional results, feasibility & economic studies, and administrative formalities
  • Funding public support available: assistance in finding appropriate funding (Investment Funds, Brusoc, etc.) and information concerning public support in the Brussels-Capital Region (investment, employment, etc.)

For further information :


Centre Dansaert
Rue d'Alost, 7-11 - 1000 Bruxelles

Maryem Ben Hadj Zakri
T.: +32 2 213 37 64
E.:  maryem.benhadj@dansaert.be

Ibtissam Omari
T.: +32 2 880 85 68
E.:  ibtissam.omari@dansaert.be