i-DEPOT at a preferential rate with Wallonie Design and WBDM.

What is i-DEPOT ?

The i-DEPOT allows you to prove that your creation already existed on a certain date. That may be quite useful: if somebody else claims the creation is his or hers, your i-DEPOT will allow you to disprove that claim. However, the i-DEPOT does not offer (intellectual) property rights and does not offer legal protection.

You wish to deposit an i-DEPOTat a preferential rate for your ideas, creations, projects? Wallonie Design and WBDM associate with BOIP (Benelux Office for Intellectual Property) for you to benefit from a preferential rate at an i-DEPOT.

3-step procedure

  1. Send an email to Wallonie Design at info@walloniedesign.be "Demande Code ID" and that includes your contact information (Name + email address).
  2. Wallonia Design transfers your application to BOIP. Once it reached the BOIP the "ID code" is sent to you automatically. Note: An ID code is for an i-DEPOT.
  3. During the introduction of the i-DEPOT you register, then you must indicate the code that you BOIP transmitted electronically. You get a discount for the deposit of 25 € instead of 35 €.


The i-DEPOT obviously remains the property of the holder. Wallonie Design and WBDM act as "facilitators" and do not have access to your i-DEPOT. This ensures the integrity of the secret.

For more information

BOIP Information Centre is accessible by e-mail (info@boip.int) or by phone via a direct number from Belgium and local pricing: 070/244.242.

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