AWEX support for a legal expert

In order to assisting you with protecting your designs and intellectual property rights, to help you negotiate with a foreign publisher, as well as benefit from legal support before signing a publishing contract, AWEX provides the service and consultancy of an intellectual property expert for a period of 1 to 3 days, free of charge.

Access procedures:

  • Need to be an interior or fashion designer located in Wallonia,
  • Have a company registration number,
  • Have an international project.

AWEX intervention:

  • A prior interview with the managers of your regional AWEX Centre in order to define the exact purpose of the expert advice you desire
  • 100% cover for the consultancy days
  • Arranged on the basis of a contract by AWEX with your company and the expert selected.

How can you take advantage of this program?

Contact your local AWEX office