Finance your activity

A financial tool for creative enterprises

Visual arts, spectacle, fashion, digital arts, architecture, music, publishing, radio, television, design...creative and cultural enterprises offer a large quantity of jobs in several different fields.

Due to their peculiarities, and despite their great professionality, creative enterprises often find lots of difficulties to achieve all of the financial tools they need in order to develop their activity.

St'Art investment fund provides financial aid like no one else in Brussels and Wallonia. With an allocation of €17 million, it is the product of the joint efforts of the Wallonia Region, the Brussels Capital Region and Wallonia-Brussels Federation

For further information:

St'art s.a.
Virginie Civrais
Rue du Onze Novembre, 6 - 7000 Mons

Contact point in Brussels :
173-177 Rue Bara, 1070 Bruxelles
Tel. 065 39 47 10