Wallonie Design: the link between design and enterprise

Wallonie Design is the Walloon Agency of reference that facilitates the use of design to concretize innovations and anticipate changes in society for the benefit of all. They value design as a driver of sustainable and economic development.

Wallonie Design's mission is to enhance Walloon design promotion activities as well as strengthen relationships between designers, industrialists, public institutions, and the general public.

In order to do this, Wallonie Design has given itself the following objectives:

  • Promote design to companies as a tool for economic development
  • Network professional designers with Walloon companies
  • Support the integration of design in companies by providing follow-up for approaches in the short, medium, or long-term, according to need, by providing advice (grants, intellectual property, consultancies, eco-design, prototyping, etc.)
  • Give visibility to professional designers through the publication of reportages highlighting their world, their reflective process, their approach and their practice.
  • Promote and highlight the designer/enterprise partnership by successfully integrating design into Walloon companies
  • Organize workshops, conferences, and encounters by answering questions from Walloon designers and companies investigating a design strategy

For further information :

Wallonie Design ASBL - Clio BrzakalaDirector
Rue Paradis 78 - 4000 Liège - Tél +32 (0)4 229 27 77  
info@walloniedesign.be - www.walloniedesign.be