Fedustria: the textile, wood and furnishing federation

Created by the merger of Febeltex and Febelbois, FEDUSTRIA represents Belgian companies from the textile, wood, and furnishing industries (2,500 companies – 52,300 jobs).

FEDUSTRIA uses its wide knowledge of these branches of industry (from production to distribution) to actively support the promotion and development of aesthetic innovation on behalf of companies in these sectors.

Advice and information

  • A database of producers and suppliers
  • Partnerships
  • Technical advice
  • Technological innovations and new materials

Specifi actions

  • OPTIMO (a platform for dialogue between manufacturers and designers): monitoring trends and innovations, advice with regard to industrial design, organization of conferences (industrial design, product development), etc.
  • Guichet Textile Transfrontalier pour l'Innovation (Cross-Border Textile Gateway for Innovation) (Wallonia/Northern France Interreg Project): raising awareness of managerial innovation (support for companies in their approaches), services and support for project designers (dossier design, validation of technical/aesthetic/economic feasibility, communication with the organizations, etc.)
  • Fedustria is on Linkedin with its group Expertex: an important tool to collect different experts with specific competences within the textile sector, on a technical, creative, commercial, managerial or marketing level. If you wish to join the group click here.

For further information :

Allée Hof-ter-Vleest, 5/1 - 1070 Brussels