Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs

A European exchange program dedicated to young entrepreneurs.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program, created by the European Commission in 2009, aims to help young entrepreneurs develop their management competences, in addition to opening small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to new european markets. The exchange of experience in a foreign context, and the set up of a business network among different european countries, represents assets able to play a relevant role for the success of the enterprise involved.

The program actually offers new entrepreneurs the possibility to work for up to six months next to an experienced host-entrepreneur that runs his activity in another country of the European Union.

Who can participate?

  • NEs (New Entrepreneurs) who have a business plan for their future enterprise or own an enterprise with no more than 3 years of activity. NE has to live in one of the EU countries.
  • HEs (Host Entrepreneurs) working in enterprises that can actually be defined as SMEs (according to the european definition of the term), that are operative for more than 3 years and find their headquarters in one of the EU countries.


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