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TRIAXES is a novel way of working which consists of forming teams of three experts.
The distinctive feature of this service lies in joining forces as pluridisciplinary teams working together in the lead-up to the development of a product or a design. This significantly shortens the development time and avoids taking steps backwards, which are intrinsic to the traditional culture of working alone on creating a product. 
This service is primarily geared towards SMEs, spin-offs and freelancers in the Brussels-Capital Region with a VAT number.

  • For the development of products in the design industry, a TRIAXESpro (product) team brings together three experts, namely an engineer, a business developer and an industrial designer. They work together on the development of an industrial product to be mass-produced.


  • In the fashion industry, a TRIAXESmod (fashion) team brings together three experts, namely a business developer, a sourcing and production specialist and an international sales professional. They will combine their skills based on a requirement from a Brussels fashion designer, for three whole seasons.


  • The TRIAXESmod and TRIAXESpro professional experts, whose skills are provided to project managers and designers, all work under the TRIAXESlab label, a mark of the quality of their  skills,  methods and the professionalism of their services.


  • Finally, TRIAXESens (education) was developed to combine these three skills towards the end of a Master’s programme in order to prepare future entrepreneurs for working together in the lead-up to a creative project or development of a product. This approach then becomes a reflex, which is beneficial for everyone.

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