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Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte’s mood board Design - 01 April 2015

(c) Delphine Mathy

Having embraced his Belgian roots, Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte is being hailed as an up-and-coming talent at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair. Decryption of the eclectic black and white mood board that appears on the homepage of his website.


Why opt for a mood board?

I thought it would be interesting to show my personality in a somewhat roundabout way, to illustrate the universe that spawns my work.

The Perfecto and the Stratocaster, all this rather old school rock'n'roll style, does that influence what you do?

Let's say it's part of what I am as a designer. I’ve been a musician since I was a kid, I grew up with music. So it is an indirect source of inspiration. Someone recently pointed out to me that my projects expressed a form of introversion, that could be tied in with the need to withdraw, isolate yourself to play an instrument, I don’t know... I did this to express my style and personality; it was the strongest way of conveying it, in images, without just saying "Hi, I'm a rocker".

While being more original than posting a picture of Marlon Brando in The Wild One.

Exactly. He’s sitting on his motorcycle, me on my chair. But I have Ray-Bans on as well.

You also dared to slip in a pack of Lucky Strike.

Yes, in tribute to the genius of Raymond Loewy, for the whole iconic side of the logo. Though I admit I smoked a lot of them at a time.

Let's come to this Belgian passport which ...

If you look closely, it’s French: despite my Flemish name, I was born in France. I like to refer to myself as a Belgian, play with this label. It's not even a big lie, as my roots are Belgian and I moved here six years ago.

But looking at your concepts, I was convinced you were one of us.

Belgians cultivate a form of openness that I like, that I can relate to. I feel that some things are still possible here when that is no longer the case in France. A mixture of chaos and freedom that you no longer find in Paris, where everything is very standardised.

Because we don’t take ourselves as seriously?

Exactly. Or at least that’s the impression I have. I don’t really like pigeon-holing people. And I don’t come from Paris but from Cosne-sur-Loire, near Sancerre.

Hence the presence of a bottle of wine on the homepage?

I had to keep something of my winegrowing region: Sancerre is to me what beer is to you. But seriously, not only do I like it here, and that's why I’ve stayed, but I’ve also been given a chance to carve out a career for myself here. I’ve been able to set up a network thanks to the schools, WBDM or MADBrussels, which offered me a residence, a place where I can work and develop my projects.

In your work, we can often detect a little twist, another level of reading, which gives a poetic or offbeat side to the object. Why?

At La Cambre, I trained as an industrial designer and like everyone, I learned to draw appliances. But for me the challenge of each new product is to tell a story. For the Belvedere for example, the concept was triggered by research into height. How to transgress it and give the user a new experience? Most of my objects set out to offer an experience, in this case, to observe things from a different perspective and change the perception of our environment. I like to give a sensory dimension to objects, inject some poetry into the industrial logic.

I interrupted you right in the middle of your preparations ... What are you presenting in Milan?

I’ve finished, I’m ready! For my first time there, I’m lucky enough to be exhibiting my productions in three different places. First at the SaloneSatellite on the Wallonie-Bruxelles Design Mode stand with the Belvedere, then at the Belgian Village of De Invasie with the cork helmet, and finally at the Zona Santambrogio with an Italian company, Do Ut Design, with my picnic set. It’s all being shipped off to Zaventem airport this week.


By Maxime Fischer

Belvédère by PEVDP © Delphine Mathy

Belvédère by PEVDP © Delphine Mathy

Belvédère by PEVDP © Delphine Mathy

Picnic Set - PEVDP

Picnic Set - PEVDP

Picnic Set - PEVDP

Wine Carafe - PEVDP

Yearly Clock - PEVDP


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