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Montréal Design Declaration Design - 30 November 2017

The Design Summit Meeting (DSM) took place the 16th of October until 25th of October 2017. It marks the first international convening of the design community, across a broad spectrum of design disciplines, together with a strong array of international organisations, with cultural, economic, environmental and social perspectives. The design organisations represent hundreds of thousands of designers from around the globe. The international bodies represent governmental, IGO, NGO and private and civil sectors of society worldwide. Thanking the organisers of the World Design Summit for having convened this meeting, we have come together, To express a shared view of the crucial role of design and the great responsibilities of designers; and To affirm the fundamental role of design in creating and shaping the world around us, now and in the future.

Drafted by four Working Committees, the Declaration is the outcome of the collaboration and contribution of fourteen international design and non-design organisations, all with a common objective: developing an international action plan for harnessing the power of design to address pressing global challenges.

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