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17/07/2017 Fashion

Natan x Denis Meyers - A collaboration written in advance

Interview of Edouard Vermeulen, artistic director of Natan.

12/07/2017 Design

Limited Edition - The art of the rug Made in Belgium

Interview of Katia De Witte, director of Limited Edition.

11/07/2017 Fashion

Delvaux, Le 27. “Ceci n’est pas une boutique”

Interview with artistic director Christina Zeller.

27/04/2017 Design

Ars Fabricandi: "Belgium is an ideal country for developing new ideas"

Interview of Davide Parrilli, founder of Ars Fabricandi.

07/04/2017 Fashion, Design

21/03/2017 Design

iol: diversity is a source of ideas.

Interview of François Royen, founder of iol Strategic Design.

23/02/2017 Design

19/01/2017 Fashion

08/12/2016 Fashion

01/12/2016 Fashion, Design


Interview with Nina Bodenhorst, co-founder of the Niyona studio.

09/11/2016 Design

Netoptic. A unique vision.

With the 100,000 frames it sells every year, today the Walloon company Netoptic is holding its own...

31/10/2016 Fashion

28/09/2016 Design

Spazio nobile - Noble design

Lise Coirier and her husband, Gian Giuseppe Simeone, opened a gallery, fittingly named Spazio...

15/06/2016 Fashion

10/06/2016 Fashion, Design

17/05/2016 Fashion

03/05/2016 Fashion

27/04/2016 Design

Damien Gernay:Poetic leather

Interview of Damien Gernay 

20/04/2016 Fashion

04/04/2016 Fashion

21/03/2016 Fashion

16/03/2016 Design

07/03/2016 Fashion

Jean-Paul Lespagnard x Jean Galler: An EGG-citing partnership in Liège

Article about the collaboration between Jean-Paul Lespagnard & Jean Galler

03/03/2016 Design

Jean-François d'Or: Writing objects, creating histories

Interview with designer Jean-François d'Or.

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