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14/09/2018 Design

10/09/2018 Fashion

08/08/2018 Fashion

15/06/2018 Design

12/04/2018 Design

23/03/2018 Fashion

09/03/2018 Design

Brussels Design Market - Back to the Eighties

Interview of Thierry Belenger, co-founder of the event.

06/03/2018 Design

Collectible Fair Brussels - 21st Century Collectable Design under the spotlight

Interview of Clélie Debelhaut, co-founder of this event.

12/02/2018 Fashion

12/02/2018 Design

Art Maker. The Art of Lighting

Interview of Yves Dejardin. 

01/02/2018 Fashion, Design

13/12/2017 Design

Kidnap your Designer. A lesson in sustainable graphic design.

Interview of Caroline Darth and Damien Safie.

11/12/2017 Fashion

Passerin. Fine feathers make fine birds.

Interview of Adrian Cruz Chavez.

30/11/2017 Design

Montréal Design Declaration

Recognises the potential of design to help better achieve global economic, social, cultural and...

13/11/2017 Fashion

The soul sisters of Rue Blanche.

Interview of Aude and Astrid Regout.

16/10/2017 Design

DogStudio & more. Wildly moving.

Interview of Gilles Bazelaire and Gaëtan Libertiaux.

12/09/2017 Fashion

Modesign Academy

Interview with Olivier Zeegers, founder of Modesign Academy

07/09/2017 Fashion

MY BOB. The Nomadic Hat.

Interview of Geoffrey Moreels, founder of the brand.

06/09/2017 Design

Design September 2017

Interview with Roel Rijssenbeek

28/08/2017 Design

21/08/2017 Fashion, Design

Studio Krjst. Five years of artistic research.

Interview of Justine de Moriamé and Erika Schillebeeckx, founders of Studio Krjst.

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