Belgian Spirit

The Belgian Spirit project aims to strengthen the creative, cultural and economic ties between Belgian professionals in architecture, design and fashion and their Asian counterparts in the long term. The brand was created in 2011 and is an initiative of the three Belgian Regions, which chose the Business of Design Week (BODW) in Hong Kong as their gateway to the Asian continent.

BODW is a major annual event organised by the Hong Kong Design Center. Its purpose is to position the city as the nerve centre of design in Asia. Besides its Forum, which is considered a reference for global design trends, BODW also has a Deotour section, a series of events that run parallel to BODW for the general public and professionals.

In 2013 Belgium was selected as partner country at the BODW, thereby recognising its role as a major player on the global design scene.

In 2015, Belgian Spirit collaborates with Nationa(a)l, a promotion and support platform for Belgian creative and cultural entrepreneurship, in order to set up a Pop-Up Store of Belgian Design and Fashion at PMQ, the new center dedicated to supporting creative entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. More information on the Pop-Up Store.


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