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Belgium is Design : From Milan design week to Brussels Design - 01 August 2017

JF d'Or x Vervloet. Photo Laetitia Bica

After Milan Design week (4-09.04.2017), Belgium is Design showcases Milan exhibitions in Belgium in the frame of Brussels Design September Festival.


WBDM supports emerging designers under the label Belgium is Design. For 2017 edition of the Salone del mobile, 6 designers presented their prototypes in the SaloneSatellite.

The designers:
- Nicolas Brevers
- Romy Di Donato
- Coralie Miessen - prix Young & Mad 2016
- PaulinePlusLuis - prix Mad Surprize 2015
- Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte
- Laurent Verly - prix Banca Intesa AWARD – SaloneSatellite 2017

Ten creative teams

The exhibition Belgitude - curated by Siegrid Demyttenaere - presents 10 collaborations between designers and enterprises from Belgium. Elaborating on the 2016 approach, Belgium is Design asked 10 designers to select the companies they wished to collaborate with. The reasons for their choices are boundless: affinity, continuity or curiosity… Belgitude is about exchanging know-how, collaborative excellence, friendly dialogues; but most of all, it is about local production, and definitely, about time. Displayed on white surfaces of different materials by the Brussels-based architecture studio V+, each object becomes part of the Belgian landscape. Made of a variety of textures and scales, typologies and orientations, this multitude tells us about industry, art and craftsmanship; products, prototypes or one11 offs; as well as about the fertile links and cross-pollinations between techniques, production technologies and, above all, human beings.

The skills of the participating designers and of their interlocutors, be it craftsmanship, high-quality labour, art or cutting-edge technical know-how, are made visible.

Designers and companies :

Atelier lachaert dhanisArt Casting
Nicolas Bovesse
Benoît Deneufbourg
Nathalie Dewez
| Val Saint Lambert
Jean-François D'Or
 | Maison Vervloet
Jan & Randoald
 | AtelierTernier - Labt
Xavier Lust
Charles Schambourg by Nacarat
Julien Renault
 | Kewlox
Muller Van Severen
Emaillerie Belge


Through this photography exhibition, Brussels based photographer Laetitia Bica, gives her interpretation of the stories behind each collaboration between the BELGITUDE duos designer-company.

Further information

10 Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains
1000 Bruxelles

Partners for this activity

Flanders DC, MAD - Brussels Fashion and Design Platform, Brussels Invest & Export.